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About Us CC TECH: Always on the cutting edge

Established in Taiwan, CC TECH is a highly professional and fast-growing game provider that thinks globally. We provide technical support and services to our customers all over Europe, America, and Asia, including top international game developers, and help them achieve success.
CC TECH was founded in 2016. Extraordinary elites specialized in game development have gathered together to create amount of games.

Our Service 服務項目

Game Development

CC TECH specializes in creating new games. The interfaces of our game products combine 2D with 3D graphical design, showing eastern and western styles.

Technical Support

Linux、Docker、JavaScript、C#、SQL、MySQL、HTML5、CSS3、Golang、java spring

Customer Service

CC TECH always put our clients first. Solving problems for our customers is our priority.

Events 活動縮影

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Career Reach high for your dreams

CC TECH is a group of professional and passionate high-tech and operation talents.
The team is young, energetic, creative, and exclusive and works in a great environment.

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